Scholarships 2022 are open now!

It’s time! Whitireia Foundation Scholarships for 2022 are open to all domestic students studying at Whitireia Polytechnic Campuses. Apply before 25th February!

Please ensure you read and complete the Application Guide and Form.  If you are currently studying at Whitireia and are returning in 2022, please ensure your Tutor or Programme Manager completes the Progress Report

Great news! We’ve extended the closing date – please do get your applications in, as there will be no extensions beyond the closing date – 25th February 2022.

If you’ve been thinking of studying in 2022 and wondering how to make it work financially, then a scholarship could be just the thing. Have a read over the Application Guide and if you think you meet the criteria, go ahead – apply! We love to see you succeed ūüôā

Scholarships 2021 – Congratulations to our amazing students!

Class of 2021 – Congratulations!

March is the month we introduce our Whitireia scholarship recipients to their incredible sponsors in a moving ceremony, also attended by proud whńĀnau. This year has been all the more special, given the Alert Level events of 2020 meant we had no opportunity to gather to celebrate our recipients in the previous year.  

2020 was a challenging year for students everywhere. With the various Covid Alert Levels, and much study moved online, it is significant that many of our 2020 recipients have again been awarded a scholarship in 2021 – those students met their challenges and they excelled. We salute their enthusiasm and their commitment. To all our recipients for 2021 – gaining a scholarship is no small achievement – we’re proud of you!

Who are our recipients and their sponsors in 2021?

Alpha NZ Ltd Scholarship

Salma Abdi Gurey  – Bachelor of Nursing (Year 3)

Atareira Scholarship

Lyana Ross  – Bachelor of Social Work (Year 3)

Nicole Tildesley  – Bachelor of Social Work (Year 3)

Compass Health Scholarship

Petelo Alosio – Bachelor of Nursing (Pacific) Year 3

Daley Foaese – Bachelor of Nursing (Pacific) Year 2

Lucinda Solomon – Bachelor of Nursing (MńĀori) Year 3

Belinda Whare – Bachelor of Nursing (MńĀori) Year 2

Controlled Building Services Scholarship

Jamie Laupama – Bachelor of Social Work (Year 3)

EFTPOS Vending Scholarship

Jonathan Kortens – Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedic) Year 2

Elite Services Scholarship

Natalya Berkland – Bachelor of Social Work (Year 1)

Ford Sumner Lawyers Scholarship

Luke Morgan – Bachelor of Social Work (Year 3)

Foster + Melville Architects Scholarship

Luci McDougall – Bachelor of Creativity (Performing Arts) Year 3

Gee & Hickton Funeral Directors Scholarship

Courtney-Lee Russell – Bachelor of Nursing (Pacific) Year 1

Graduate Women Wellington

Rongomaiwahine Diahnn Higgins-Herewini – Bachelor of Information Technology (Year 3)

Kirk-Burnnand Family Scholarship

Chyenne Katu – Bachelor of Information Technology (Year 3)

Precious Williams-JudkinsBachelor of Social Work (Year 3)

Maude Miller

Amy McBride – Bachelor of Nursing (Year 3)

Nikau Foundation

Jude Campbell – Bachelor of Nursing (Year 1)

Cathy Chen – Bachelor of Information Technology (Level 2) 

Bianca Gray – Bachelor of Nursing (Pacific) Year 3

Isla Graham –  Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedic) Year 2

Ashween Kumar – Bachelor of Nursing (Year 2) 

Kylie Moeahu – Bachelor of Social Work (Year 1)

Amy O’Grady – Bachelor of Nursing (Year 1)

Ngarangikapitiao Riddell – Bachelor of Nursing (MńĀori) Year 2

Shayna Turua – Bachelor of Nursing (Year 3)

Jenny Yu – Bachelor of Nursing (Year 3)


Mahina Aiono – Bachelor of Nursing (MńĀori) Year 1

Jasmine Fitness – NZ  Certificate in Business Administration & Technology (Level 3)

Porirua City Council Scholarship

Ocean Teare – NZ Diploma in Screen Production (Level 5)

Red Wolf Security Scholarship

Aretaiki Pokoati – NZ Diploma in Information Technology (Level 5)

Whitireia Foundation/Ngati Toa Scholarship

Grierwyn Taitua – Bachelor of Nursing (Maori) Year 3

Whitireia Foundation Scholarship

Samantha Pratt – Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedic) Year 2

Tyla Cavanagh – Bachelor of Nursing (Year 1)

Leena Prasad – Bachelor of Nursing (Pacific) Year 3

William Campbell Memorial Scholarship

Rahat Arif – Bachelor of Nursing (Year 2)

The Whitireia Foundation would like to acknowledge the generous support of our sponsors named above – you’re amazing!

We’ll add some more pics from our 2021 ceremony as soon as we can. In the meantime, here are a few from earlier years.

Scholarships 2020

Thinking of studying in 2021? Take a look at the material in this post and check out our 2021 applications for scholarships opening in October 2020. Big thanks to our amazing Sponsors, who together support near 50 students every year.

Whitireia Foundation scholarships are for domestic students planning to study at Whitireia New Zealand. Most provide financial assistance for tuition fees, while some will cover materials like computers and other work tools. Some have an optional work experience component.

If you don’t meet the Free Fees criteria, we’re here for you! Take a look at the Scholarship Guide and Form and if you have questions, feel free to call or email Whitireia for more information.

Applications for 2020 closed 3 January 2020. Scholarships for 2021 are open from October.

The information below has been updated for scholarships in 2021 with a number of new sponsors, and a new application form. The closing date for applications is 10 January 2021.

Whitireia Foundation 2021 Scholarship Guide and Form

You can find more on the Whitireia NZ website.

Please read the Whitireia Foundation Application Guide before you start filling in your Application Form

You can also find out about our eligibility criteria in the Guide.

If you are currently studying with Whitireia and are returning in 2021, your Tutor or Programme Manager can complete this Progress Report to be submitted with your application.

Fill in the form online or print it. Drop your completed application off at the Whitireia Information & Enrolment Centre, post to Whitireia at the address below, or email

Check out this page for tips on filling in your application.

Give it a go – we love to see you succeed – Good luck!

Learner Journey DX Box SX 33459
3 Wi Neera Drive, Porirua 5022, New Zealand
0800 944 847

Leading and illuminating our communities through tertiary education

Record number of student scholarships awarded

2017 awardsA record number of students were awarded Whitireia Foundation scholarships for study in 2017. For this, we are grateful to our amazing sponsors, a good number who have been supporting Whitireia students for a decade or more. Take a look at our sponsors here. The families, trusts and businesses that are our sponsors, have all made a meaningful commitment to their community by supporting a student. A number of sponsors also provide mentoring and work placement opportunities.

Our students tell us they see this investment in them and their future as hugely significant. We know from their feedback that a scholarship is worth so much more than the money.  Students respond to the faith shown in them by their sponsors and they commit themselves to doing their absolute best. We hear from our sponsors that they are motivated by seeing their student reach their potential, and they will support them in many ways to do that Рfrom commissioning artworks, as in the case of one of our carving students, to regularly opening their business up to students to experience the workplace for themselves.  We look forward to tracking the future achievements of students participating in mentorship and work experience, and to grow this part of our scholarship programme, based on the evidence we gather.

The Foundation extends grateful thanks to all our sponsors and to the students who have joined the Whitireia Foundation family, through being awarded scholarships this year. See photos from the Ceremony on Whitireia’s Facebook page¬†here.

Reaching 50 scholarships for 2017 is a milestone for us. We also had a record number of applicants. We would love to be able to recognise more students, so fewer miss out. Our scholarships have grown from $70,000 awarded in 2011 to $120,000 in 2017. Our Trustees are committed to fostering enduring partnerships with our sponsors that will result in the continued growth of the scholarship fund, and most of all, in the attainment of student – and community – success.

If you are thinking about making a difference by sponsoring a student, please get in touch. You can use the comments section below to make an inquiry – your details will be kept confidential.

Awards Ceremony 22 March 2017 – Foundation Chair, Kelvin Irvine, congratulates students, welcoming them to the Whitireia Foundation family

Porirua Mayor, Mike Tana, was along to present a scholarship to Samrawit Abraham (B Nursing) on behalf of the Council. Carla Uncles (B Teaching Early Childhood) is to the left. On the right are Jasmine Haley (B Social Work) and Foundation Trustee Robyn Moore 

Tim Sheppard and Erebuka Bwauro Perf Arts
Trust Porirua sponsor ten scholarships. Here is Trust Chair, Tim Sheppard, presenting Performing Arts student, Erebuka Bwauro, with her award.  

Scholarships 2017 – Apply now!

Being motivated costs you nothing, but can get you everything РMurray Newlands

Looking to study in 2017? Applications for Whitireia Foundation scholarships are now open! 

Through the generous support of organisations, individuals and Whitireia suppliers, the Foundation is pleased to offer up to 50 scholarships to a value of $120,000.  See our sponsors for 2017.

image001-whitireia-logo-2016Whitireia Foundation scholarships are for domestic students studying full-time at Whitireia in 2017.

Save the date Рget your application in by 11 November 2016.

Complete your Application form 2017 after first reading the Application guide.

If you are currently studying or have recently studied, you’ll need these:

2017 Referee for students new to Whitireia in 2017

2017 Progress report for current Whitireia students.

The Application Form and accompanying Guide can be picked up from all Whitireia campuses, or download your copy from this site Рalso available at

Get your Whitireia Foundation application in by 11 November 2016

Scholarship Awards 2014!

At a lively and uplifting ceremony last week, more than $100,000 of scholarship awards were presented to 46 hard-working Whitireia students. Whitireia Foundation Chair, Tim Sheppard, did a fine job as master of ceremonies, speaking from the heart, as always.

The ceremony and after-match supper saw our students supported by a crowd of enthusiastic whanau, friends, and of course, their all-important sponsors. Guest speaker this year was the engaging Maria Uluilelata, Whitireia’s career consultant, who spoke about her learning journey.

This year, we were excited to present a high-spec laptop computer to one of our most hard-working journalism students. Other awards ranged from book grants, to tuition scholarships up to $3500-00 in value. As trustees, we have been moved by many of the letters of appreciation received in the past week from our student recipients – we share some of these with you on our students’ stories page.

Here are a few pictures from this year’s outstanding group of scholarship recipients. Congratulations to you all, and huge thanks to our sponsors – your contribution makes such a difference to many lives. To friends and whanau of our recipients, thank you for celebrating this year’s student scholarship awards with us – your participation means a great deal. Thanks also to our Whitireia support staff, with extra-special thanks to Donna Creary, organiser-extraordinaire. This event was attended by two new Trustees – welcome Izzy Ford and John Granville. We were also privileged to have with us two members of the Weltec/Whitireia Council. All of you helped make this event truly heart-warming.

Whitireia Foundation - JV Simpson Memorial Scholarship
JV Simpson Memorial Scholarship – Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood) student Jessie McDonald (left) with her sponsor Megan Simpson

Whitireia scholarships 2014 Journalism scholarship recipient Anneka paul
Journalism student Anneka Paul with her sponsor from Dell

Whitireia Foundation scholarships 2014 Fuji Xerox awards 5 scholarships
Jamie Clarke (left} of Fuji Xerox NZ with Jason van der Walt (awarded one of five Fuji Xerox scholarships)

rs BNM - Kelly Waho, Desiree Hawkins, Anaru Rima, Diamond Henderson, Caroline Komene, Amy Matthews
Bachelor of Nursing Maori – Kelly Waho, Desiree Hawkins, Anaru Rima, Diamond Henderson, Caroline Komene, Amy Matthews

Guest speaker, Maria Uluilelata - Career consultant, Whitireia NZ
Guest speaker, Maria Uluilelata – Career consultant, Whitireia NZ

rs Trust Porirua - Desiree McKenzie
Trust Porirua scholarship recipient (left) Desiree McKenzie

Scholarship winners with their sponsors


Ria Hodges - Ngati toa scholarship Whitireia Foundation awards 2014
Ngati Toa Scholarship – Ria Hodges – National Diploma Te Reo Maori

Whitireia Foundation Scholarships are available to new and existing students studying at Whitireia. Recipients are selected on the twin criteria of merit and perseverance to succeed in spite of personal circumstances. Applications are open to students in October each year.

2014 Whitireia Foundation Scholarship recipients
Masei Alipia¬†–¬†Certificate in Foundation Education (Health Science)
Hamish Anderson¬†–¬†Bachelor of Applied Arts (Music)
Timothy Parker¬†–¬†Bachelor of Social Work
Jason van der Walk¬†–¬†Bachelor of Applied Business Studies
Sarah Whitaker¬†–¬†Bachelor of Applied Arts (Music)
Adam Wineera¬†–¬†Bachelor of Applied Arts (Toi Poutama)
Greg Young¬†–¬†Certificate in Carpentry
Diamond Henderson¬†–¬†Bachelor of Nursing MńĀori
Tifaimoana Iosefo¬†–¬†Bachelor of Nursing Pacific
Caroline Komene¬†–¬†Bachelor of Nursing MńĀori
Ailima Logologo¬†–¬†Bachelor of Nursing Pacific
Anaru Rima¬†–¬†Bachelor of Nursing MńĀori
Anneka Paul¬†–¬†National Diploma in Journalism (Multi-media)
Jacob Aldridge¬†–¬†Certificate in Plumbing, Drainlaying, Gasfitting and Roofing
Aidan Hutchison¬†–¬†Certificate in Automotive Engineering
Kauna Lopa¬†–¬†Certificate in Automotive Engineering
Farese Tasele¬†–¬†Certificate in Carpentry
Toanui Utia¬†–¬†Certificate in Electrical Engineering
Michele De Bes¬†–¬†Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedic)
Julia Giblin¬†–¬†Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedic)
Amy Matthews¬†–¬†Bachelor of Nursing MńĀori
Sarah-Jane Thorpe¬†–¬†Bachelor of Nursing
Rosalie Nicol¬†–¬†Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedic)
Jill Sim¬†–¬†Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)
Mahala Jay¬†–¬†Bachelor of Nursing
Matti Kernaghan¬†–¬†Bachelor of Nursing
Rose Nimarota¬†–¬†Bachelor of Nursing Pacific
Emma Millanta¬†–¬†Bachelor of Nursing
Alexandra Grace¬†–¬†Bachelor of Applied Arts (Creative Writing)
Sarah Coleman¬†–¬†Bachelor of Applied Arts (Music)
Jessie McDonald¬†–¬†Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)
Desiree Hawkins¬†–¬†Bachelor of Nursing MńĀori
Kelly Waho¬†–¬†Bachelor of Nursing MńĀori
Phayphachit Chao¬†–¬†Certificate in Electrical Engineering
Dylan Daley¬†–¬†Certificate in Electrical Engineering
Regan Devadas¬†–¬†Certificate in Automotive Engineering
Stuart Foote¬†–¬†Certificate in Carpentry
Daniel Haarhoff¬†–¬†Certificate in Plumbing, Drainlaying, Gasfitting and Roofing
Kelemete Iasona¬†–¬†Certificate in Automotive Engineering (Advanced)
Samuel Jones¬†–¬†Certificate in Automotive Engineering
Choong Kim¬†–¬†Certificate in Carpentry
Desiree McKenzie¬†–¬†Certificate in Automotive Engineering (Advanced)
Anesu Makorimbo¬†–¬†Certificate in Plumbing, Drainlaying, Gasfitting and Roofing
Sui Ngun To¬†–¬†Certificate in Carpentry
Eden Shields¬†–¬†Certificate in Automotive Engineering
Ria Hodges¬†–¬†National Diploma in Te Reo MńĀori