Scholarships 2020

Thinking of studying in 2021? Take a look at the material in this post and check out our 2021 applications for scholarships opening in October 2020. Big thanks to our amazing Sponsors, who together support near 50 students every year.

Whitireia Foundation scholarships are for domestic students planning to study at Whitireia New Zealand. Most provide financial assistance for tuition fees, while some will cover materials like computers and other work tools. Some have an optional work experience component.

If you don’t meet the Free Fees criteria, we’re here for you! Take a look at the Scholarship Guide and Form and if you have questions, feel free to call or email Whitireia for more information.

Applications for 2020 closed 3 January 2020. Scholarships for 2021 are open from October.

The information below has been updated for scholarships in 2021 with a number of new sponsors, and a new application form. The closing date for applications is 10 January 2021.

Whitireia Foundation 2021 Scholarship Guide and Form

You can find more on the Whitireia NZ website.

Please read the Whitireia Foundation Application Guide before you start filling in your Application Form

You can also find out about our eligibility criteria in the Guide.

If you are currently studying with Whitireia and are returning in 2021, your Tutor or Programme Manager can complete this Progress Report to be submitted with your application.

Fill in the form online or print it. Drop your completed application off at the Whitireia Information & Enrolment Centre, post to Whitireia at the address below, or email

Check out this page for tips on filling in your application.

Give it a go – we love to see you succeed – Good luck!

Learner Journey DX Box SX 33459
3 Wi Neera Drive, Porirua 5022, New Zealand
0800 944 847

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