Scholarship Awards 2014!

At a lively and uplifting ceremony last week, more than $100,000 of scholarship awards were presented to 46 hard-working Whitireia students. Whitireia Foundation Chair, Tim Sheppard, did a fine job as master of ceremonies, speaking from the heart, as always.

The ceremony and after-match supper saw our students supported by a crowd of enthusiastic whanau, friends, and of course, their all-important sponsors. Guest speaker this year was the engaging Maria Uluilelata, Whitireia’s career consultant, who spoke about her learning journey.

This year, we were excited to present a high-spec laptop computer to one of our most hard-working journalism students. Other awards ranged from book grants, to tuition scholarships up to $3500-00 in value. As trustees, we have been moved by many of the letters of appreciation received in the past week from our student recipients – we share some of these with you on our students’ stories page.

Here are a few pictures from this year’s outstanding group of scholarship recipients. Congratulations to you all, and huge thanks to our sponsors – your contribution makes such a difference to many lives. To friends and whanau of our recipients, thank you for celebrating this year’s student scholarship awards with us – your participation means a great deal. Thanks also to our Whitireia support staff, with extra-special thanks to Donna Creary, organiser-extraordinaire. This event was attended by two new Trustees – welcome Izzy Ford and John Granville. We were also privileged to have with us two members of the Weltec/Whitireia Council. All of you helped make this event truly heart-warming.

Whitireia Foundation - JV Simpson Memorial Scholarship
JV Simpson Memorial Scholarship – Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood) student Jessie McDonald (left) with her sponsor Megan Simpson
Whitireia scholarships 2014 Journalism scholarship recipient Anneka paul
Journalism student Anneka Paul with her sponsor from Dell
Whitireia Foundation scholarships 2014 Fuji Xerox awards 5 scholarships
Jamie Clarke (left} of Fuji Xerox NZ with Jason van der Walt (awarded one of five Fuji Xerox scholarships)
rs BNM - Kelly Waho, Desiree Hawkins, Anaru Rima, Diamond Henderson, Caroline Komene, Amy Matthews
Bachelor of Nursing Maori – Kelly Waho, Desiree Hawkins, Anaru Rima, Diamond Henderson, Caroline Komene, Amy Matthews
Guest speaker, Maria Uluilelata - Career consultant, Whitireia NZ
Guest speaker, Maria Uluilelata – Career consultant, Whitireia NZ
rs Trust Porirua - Desiree McKenzie
Trust Porirua scholarship recipient (left) Desiree McKenzie

Scholarship winners with their sponsors


Ria Hodges - Ngati toa scholarship Whitireia Foundation awards 2014
Ngati Toa Scholarship – Ria Hodges – National Diploma Te Reo Maori

Whitireia Foundation Scholarships are available to new and existing students studying at Whitireia. Recipients are selected on the twin criteria of merit and perseverance to succeed in spite of personal circumstances. Applications are open to students in October each year.

2014 Whitireia Foundation Scholarship recipients
Masei Alipia – Certificate in Foundation Education (Health Science)
Hamish Anderson – Bachelor of Applied Arts (Music)
Timothy Parker – Bachelor of Social Work
Jason van der Walk – Bachelor of Applied Business Studies
Sarah Whitaker – Bachelor of Applied Arts (Music)
Adam Wineera – Bachelor of Applied Arts (Toi Poutama)
Greg Young – Certificate in Carpentry
Diamond Henderson – Bachelor of Nursing Māori
Tifaimoana Iosefo – Bachelor of Nursing Pacific
Caroline Komene – Bachelor of Nursing Māori
Ailima Logologo – Bachelor of Nursing Pacific
Anaru Rima – Bachelor of Nursing Māori
Anneka Paul – National Diploma in Journalism (Multi-media)
Jacob Aldridge – Certificate in Plumbing, Drainlaying, Gasfitting and Roofing
Aidan Hutchison – Certificate in Automotive Engineering
Kauna Lopa – Certificate in Automotive Engineering
Farese Tasele – Certificate in Carpentry
Toanui Utia – Certificate in Electrical Engineering
Michele De Bes – Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedic)
Julia Giblin – Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedic)
Amy Matthews – Bachelor of Nursing Māori
Sarah-Jane Thorpe – Bachelor of Nursing
Rosalie Nicol – Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedic)
Jill Sim – Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)
Mahala Jay – Bachelor of Nursing
Matti Kernaghan – Bachelor of Nursing
Rose Nimarota – Bachelor of Nursing Pacific
Emma Millanta – Bachelor of Nursing
Alexandra Grace – Bachelor of Applied Arts (Creative Writing)
Sarah Coleman – Bachelor of Applied Arts (Music)
Jessie McDonald – Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)
Desiree Hawkins – Bachelor of Nursing Māori
Kelly Waho – Bachelor of Nursing Māori
Phayphachit Chao – Certificate in Electrical Engineering
Dylan Daley – Certificate in Electrical Engineering
Regan Devadas – Certificate in Automotive Engineering
Stuart Foote – Certificate in Carpentry
Daniel Haarhoff – Certificate in Plumbing, Drainlaying, Gasfitting and Roofing
Kelemete Iasona – Certificate in Automotive Engineering (Advanced)
Samuel Jones – Certificate in Automotive Engineering
Choong Kim – Certificate in Carpentry
Desiree McKenzie – Certificate in Automotive Engineering (Advanced)
Anesu Makorimbo – Certificate in Plumbing, Drainlaying, Gasfitting and Roofing
Sui Ngun To – Certificate in Carpentry
Eden Shields – Certificate in Automotive Engineering
Ria Hodges – National Diploma in Te Reo Māori

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